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There are some risks associated with consuming raw fish.

If you have any food allergies to seafood or shellfish, please notify our staff. If you have any immune disorders, such as constant illness to stomach or blood, you should eat these products fully cooked.

[SASHIMI] Served 5-6 pcs   $12.95

(slices of fish without rice)

S1. TUNA                                 S4. ESCOLAR

S2. SALMON                            S5. SMOKED SALMON

S3. YELLOWTAIL                      S6. RED SNAPPER

[NIGIRI SUSHI] Served 2-pcs   $4.75

(over small ball of rice with strip of seaweed)

N1. TUNA                                N7. EEL (baked)          

N2. SALMON                           N8. SHRIMP (steamed)

N3. YELLOWTAIL                     N9. TAMAGO (cooked egg)

N4. ESCOLAR                           N10. CRABSTICK

N5. SMOKED SALMON            N11. MASAGO (smelt eggs)


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